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Merkel Veterinary Clinic's Pet and Zoo Links

Electronic Zoo Home Page: The Best place to Start
Dog page - The Electronic Zoo:
Cat Page - The Electronic Zoo:
AVMA Care for Pets Home Page:
Texas Veterinary Medical Association Home Page:
AAHA Healthypet:
Martindales Virtual Veterinary Center:
Pets - Open Directory:
Pub Med - Medline Search:
A Dog Owners Network:
American Kennel Club:
American Tarantula Society:
Animal Connection:
Animal Health Institute Home Page:
Animal Network:
National Animal Poison Control Information page:
The Cat Fanciers' Association:
Cat Fanciers Web Page :
Centers for Disease Control And Prevention:
Continental Kennel Club: Features the book - Will I See My Pet in Heaven
The Dog Hause Home Page:
Dog-Play - Fun with your dog:
DogWorld Magazine:
Exotic Animal Network:
Feline WWW Sites:
Ferret Central:
Fish Link Central:
Gulf Greyhound Track Adoption Program:
James Herriot Page:
Livestock Guardian Dogs:
Merck Veterinary Manual
Morris Animal Foundation:
My Virtual Reference Desk - Pets and Animals: Very good site with many links
National Shoot to Retrieve Association:
NOAH - The Animal Search Engine:
North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association:
Pet Health Topics - Washington State University:
Pet Loss Support Page:
Pet Net:
The Purebred Dog:
Rescue the Animals - in Abilene,Texas:
Ruth's Sugar Glider Page:
Texas Dept. of Health:
The Capsule Report:
Travel Dog - for people who travel with their pets:
UC Davis Veterinary Medical Extension:
United Kennel Club:
Veterinary and Animal E-mail Lists:
Veterinary Medicine -
Veterinary Pet Insurance:
VET USA Listing Service:
World Kennel Club:
Yahoo! - Animals, Insects and Pets:

Zoo Links

Abilene,Texas Zoo:
Australia Zoo:
Electronic Zoo - NetVet -Zoo Links:
Fort Worth,Texas Zoo:
Gladys Porter Zoo:
The Raptor Center:
San Antonio,Texas Zoo:
Wildlife Pharmaceuticals:
Bill's Wildlife Links:
Yahoo! - Zoos:
Open Directory - Zoos and Aquariums:
Zoos and Aquariums of AZA:

Other Merkel Veterinary Clinic Pages

Merkel Veterinary Clinic Main Page:
The Banner Family of Merkel, Texas Home Page:
Veterinary Links:
Livestock Links:
Cotton and other Crop Links:
Agriculture Links: General Agriculture Links
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